Mt Graylock

Massachusetts, USA

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The top Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. The mountain is a state park opening in the middle of May and closing late October. Greylock has a paved road to the top with a parking lot. There is a $2.00 fee for parking in this parking lot. There is also a lodge open to the public which has bathrooms, serves food and sells souvenirs. Please keep in mind that there could be a lot of non flying visitors to the park and respect should be given to them at all times. The park is also patrolled by a park ranger. Greylock rating is H4/P4 site. H3/P3 are allowed to fly there with a USHPA advanced observer, examiner or advancer instructor. The pilot observing must be present every time the H3/P3 launches. If you need an observer, please make arrangements with them prior to showing up. The pilot must sign in and show their current USHPA rating card at the front desk of the lodge. Pilot must sign a waiver the first time they fly Greylock every year. Pilot must also sign in every time that they fly there. Don�t forget your USHPA card. No card, no flying, no exceptions. Launch is located on the peak of the mountain facing southeast. The mountain can be flown in south to northeast conditions much of the time. Hang gliding set up area in the mowed grass area near the monument. The hang gliding launch is a short flat slope located just off the mowed grass area on the southeast side of the mountain. The paragliding launch is a large flat area above and behind the hang gliding launch on the mowed grass. Caution is needed when launching due the close proximity of the other winged pilot and the non flying public. After launching, be respectful of other pilots trying to launch and the viewing public. There are no top landing. Anyone caught top landing will loose there right to fly there forever. Landing: the bailout LZ is located about 2000ft below launch with about a 1:1 glide. The bailout field is about 20 acres and is mostly flat and square in shape. This field is surrounded by tall trees and power lines. After landing carry your glider out of the field to the lawn of the house and break down and fold up your glider there. The farmer allows us to land there but want to protect the hay as much as possible. The main landing zone is not visible from launch due to another mountain obstructing the view. It is about 3000ft lower than launch located about 4 miles northeast just off of Route 8 at The Range. The Range is a golf driving range which also has miniature golf and batting cages. Before landing and still about 500ft above the LZ, yell down to let everyone know you are about to land. They will stop hitting golf balls to allow you room to land. Try to land off to the side if possible. If you need to land in the middle of the field, then do so and put safety first. As soon as you land, pick up your glider and carry it off to the side quickly so The Range customers can go back to hitting their golf balls. You can break down and fold up your glider near the building. The Range does sell cold soda and ice cream. This is just a quick write up of the things that I can think of off the top of my mind. I am sure I must have missed something. Greylock is 3491ft AGL mountain located in Adams MA. na. na.

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