Woodrat Mountain

Oregon, USA

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Mike Brown Protokollierte einen 81 km Flug
Mike Brown Protokollierte einen 78 km Flug
Marcos Rosenkjer Protokollierte einen 116 km Flug im Colorado Pilots
Marcos Rosenkjer Protokollierte einen 96 km Flug im Colorado Pilots

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Woodrat Mountain
Paragliding Woodrat Mountain on the memorial day weekend.
Aaron Hughes Fügte hinzu

Paragliding Woodrat Oregon
40 anniversary star thistle oregon.
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Solid Motion - Bill Kaelin Paragliding Launch at Woodrat Mountain
Bill Kaelin Paragliding Launch at Woodrat Mountain April 17, 2009 Music "Solid Motion" by Higher Intelligence Agency.
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42.2317, -123.004 : 1135.0 m


42.2471, -123.026 : 507.0 m


6:49 vorm.


6:01 nachm.


Nordamerikanische Westküsten-Normalzeit (-0800)

Starthistle Fly-In every Memorial Day Weekend. Rat Race (end June/ beginning July)

Large and perfect grade with gravel. West launch capable of simultaneous launches. Also a north launch. Large and well maintained. The LZ owners have allowed gliders to land in their cow pasture for the past 30 years, all they ask is that we follow a few simple rules: * No dogs outside the vehicle * No smoking except inside your vehicle * No vehicles inside the gated area - * No powered aircraft * No littering * and No alcohol Longsworth LZ: N42 13 59.6 W123 03 21.7, 445m Fiasco LZ: N42 14 02.2 W123 02 58.3, 450m From Jacksonville, Oregon south on Highway 238 approximately 4 miles, left on Bishop Creek Road. Site intro: P3 - H3 Site. Signed waiver required. http://rvhpa.org

Main LZ can be dangerous mid-day, mid-season. Convergent air from 3 valleys creates difficult landing conditions.


N 0 5
NNE 0 0
NE 0 0
ENE 0 0
E 0 0
ESE 0 0
SE 0 0
SSE 0 0
S 0 0
SSW 0 0
SW 0 5
WSW 0 5
W 10 0
WNW 0 5
NW 0 5
NNW 0 5