Baixo Guandu-ES - Monjolo

State of Espírito Santo, Brazil

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Geferson B Souza Protokollierte einen 121 km Flug
Geferson B Souza Protokollierte einen 74 km Flug
Geferson B Souza Protokollierte einen 40 km Flug
Geferson B Souza Protokollierte einen 97 km Flug

Erforderliche Start-Windrichtung

Parapente Baixo Guandu Rampa do Monjolo
Voo livre: parapente. Rampa do Monjolo. Baixo Guandu ES. Piloto: Marjo Lemos. Voos em dezembro/2011.
Aaron Hughes Fügte hinzu

Campeonato Brasileiro parapente 2012: Monjolo B. Guandu
Foram 07 dias maravilhosos em que Baixo Guandu pôde contemplar a beleza do voo livre com os melhores pilotos do Brasil. Agradecimentos: Equipe HIPOXIA ...
Aaron Hughes Fügte hinzu

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-19.6307, -40.9692 : 848.0 m


-19.6044, -40.9538 : 155.0 m


5:31 AM


6:25 PM


Brasilianische Zeit (-0300)

The dirt road can be difficult, particularly after rain, and a 4x4 is preferable.

Take off: 200m wide for multiple take offs. At the official landing shown here, there is a power line running parallel to the dirt road. When going XC, there are plenty of landings, but be extremely careful with the power lines. On the Epirito Santo/Minas Gerais state border, 13 kilometres south of the junction of BR259/ES446 (S19 31.248', W41 0.186'), near the town of Baixo Guandu. Access to the launch is on a good dirt road (at S19 36.190', W40 57.260') with good signs to the launch.

In a northerly wind, the left side of the bowl, looking north from the take-off, can get very turbulent. Avoid flying low directly over the spine-backed ridge, as this can be both strong and rough.


N 10 0
NNE 10 0
NE 10 0
ENE 0 5
E 0 5
ESE 0 0
SE 0 0
SSE 0 0
S 0 0
SSW 0 0
SW 0 0
WSW 0 0
W 0 0
WNW 0 0
NW 0 5
NNW 0 5