Mount Rennie

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Nice southerly site near town, flyable on the seabreeze. This site is highly sensitive and has limited access, visiting pilots must be accompanied by a local pilot. The farmer MUST be notified prior to enter the property. You must contact a local pilot to check on the current access arrangements. Oganize your first flight with A Geraldton pilot. This site is privately owned, so is sensitive and could easily be lost. Contact local pilots in Geraldton before heading up there to get an update on current access situation. The entry is via farm. The site is about 17km NE of the Chapman Valley Rd turnoff from Geraldton.

Difficult take off for paragliders due to the shape of the hill which tends to create a very strong wind right at launch in soarable conditions, but less wind on the face starting well back from the edge makes the inflation easier. Bottom landing is best near the road up the hill, to the right of take-off. XC record is only 20km or so. Nice view of the "mushroom farm" spy base if you get some height.

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